My Valentine #1: Camara Island

Last Valentine’s Day, I treated myself to a date with 2 islands… Camara & Capones. I’ve been wanting to visit these two since my Anawangin trip 3 years ago. And being single on Valentines day, I once again opted to open up to nature and give my heart to God’s beautiful creation rather than sulk alone in the city and watch my friends go on dates. Haha

Pundaquit beach. Just a 15 minute boat ride from here to Camara. It was windy & drizzling when we went… Brrr!

I was with my friend JB de Leon, his now ex-girlfriend Kat, his bestfriend Mac and a few more people I met in Crystal Beach, San Narciso. It was only a 15-20 minute drive from San Narciso to Pundaquit Beach, the jump off point to the 2 islands. From here, one just takes a 15 minute boat ride to our first destination, Camara Island.

Upon approaching the island, you could already see how beautiful it is, not to mention how clear and blue the waters are!  The site was extremely gorgeous. Since the island was secluded, there were no tables, benches, tents, huts whatsoever… Just pure sand, sea, sky, rock mountains, corals and a few greens.

First thing we did was set up for lunch! We had a picnic using Mac’s surfboards as our tables. Our packed lunch consisted of rice, corned beef, fish, okra & kamote leaves. Yum! After that, we walked around the beach and the first thing that caught my attention was the abundance and variety of corals. They were so interesting — various shapes, sizes and colors. This made it very difficult to walk barefoot along the shore though. Ang sakit sa paa… But it’s okay! Searching for treasures that interested me through the thousands of stones, pebble and shells was alot of fun. Here are some of the corals that I found:

Do you see the same things I see? 1. Heart 2. Jack Skelington (Nightmare Before Christmas) 3. Mighty Ducks mask 4. Brain 5. Giant, white tear drop 6. Dragon 7. The letter A

Mr. Walrus… Still separated by the waters at the time we went but a strip of white sand connects these two during low tide. One could actually walk to that rock mountain. 

Got a little emotional when I found this rock on the ground… Like what I said, I went to Zambales to get away from all the Valentine’s hype… Extreme case of singlehood blues, I guess. It felt really wonderful to be so far away to have a date with God through nature and receive some sort of sign that you are loved and appreciated back. Sorta like His way of comforting me and telling me that I shouldn’t be sad about it… That made my heart smile.

The wind all over me, the cool turquoise sea, the crashing waves, majestic mountains and the vastness of the white sky — a giant hug from my ultimate romancer and true Valentine of my soul. #BigGrinToHeaven

Felt good to just lounge around the beach, appreciate the beautiful surroundings and play with the sand.

A is for Abby!!! V-Day is A-Day!!!

Rock Tower by JB. Awesome! Both the tower & my shot. Haha

Alone… Standing still… Surrounded by Beauty. Loved.

Camara Island was really beautiful and I was surprised that what awaited us next could astound me even more. Off to the movie like shores and the amazing lighthouse of Capones!


3 thoughts on “My Valentine #1: Camara Island

  1. What are the chances of finding a heart shaped rock half buried in the sands. I love Zambales too, the area around Pundaquit, I always recommend it to friends who often asks for a beach near Manila.

  2. I also found a heart shaped coral at Puka Beach, Boracay a couple of years ago. It was a very profound experience for me as well. Thanks for the share Abby. Love watching you sing at Jill’s Tuesday evenings. I am not always there but after watching you a couple of times, I’m a fan! All the best!

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