Colorful Little India

After having our pesos exchanged for Singapore dollars in Mufasa, Ferrer Park, me and my sister decided to head to Little India. I was told that the smell there would be quite difficult to endure… After all our Indian friends DO love their spices! Hehe, anyhow it was actually very tolerable. Strong smell equals intense culture, flavor & love for life, don’t you think? *wink, wink*


We were greeted by the colorful streets filled with vibrant vegetables, flowers, sarees & jewelry, as well as the aroma of various spices & Indian food. I didn’t go to Singapore to shop… But if I did and I had more time to look around, I would’ve gotten so much stuff from this place.

My sister, Angelica “feelin’ it” in the streets of Little India. Haha

Prior to coming there, my friends Babsi & Tala posted photos from their recent trip. They posted a photo of a temple with a tower of Hindu gods & idols. I didn’t get its name but I really wanted to see it. So in spite of the scorching heat, we walked around in search of the nameless temple. Turns out, it was the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple along Serangoon Road.


“The Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple is dedicated to the Hindu goddess Kali. Images of Kali within the temple show her wearing a garland of skulls and ripping out the insides of her victims, and Kali sharing more peaceful family moments with her sons”. Intricate, magnificent… Hella scary. Hehe

While galavanting we found a convenience store that sold Magnum bars! Now that was the time when the ice cream bar had just been introduced in the Philippines and I had never had the chance to taste it back home! Though it was obviously more expensive there, around P90 compared to 50 bucks here, I couldn’t help but try! It was very yummy. Very Haagen Dazs-ish.

We just had lunch in Punggol Plaza, our very first food trip, but I wanted to try something from Little India too! We were looking for curry or roti… But the restaurants we saw didn’t look very… Clean? Hehe, well, I’m just not used to having everything thrown in my plate… It looked messy to me! Plus everyone was using their hands to eat… We still had so much to do that day and I didn’t wanna get dirty… So I passed. But I’m sure it tasted delicious!

Anyhow, I enjoyed our quick Indian experience very much! Next Stop? Orchard Road.



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