Ready, Set… SINGAPORE!!!

Last November, I made an impulse booking to Singapore… Cause credit cards & Cebu Pacific, with it’s piso rates and light fares make someone all the more susceptible to these whims. I booked a flight just for myself and was more than ready to take on the not so big city on my own! Abby the Explorer 🙂

UNTIL Christmas came and my sister Angelica, who’s graduating this March, asked if she could go with me. And being the gracious, loving sister that I am (Eherm, eherm! Haha), I said yes. I booked really early so by the time she booked a flight in December, she was still able to get a seat next to mine. We were set for March 3-6!

On board the plane with my date for the weekend, my younger sister Angelica. Brought her along as an early graduation present!

How very Filipino of me to take a photo of the first things I see upon landing! Hehe, took this photo at Changi Budget Terminal and was instantly reprimanded by airport security to keep my camera. I guess you can’t take pictures at the airport!

The flight to Singapore was 4 hours long. We then landed at the Changi Budget Terminal and took a 20-minute, 15$ cab ride to Punggol to head to Micah Valenzuela’s place. Micah is my other sister, Anna Corrine’s friend. She and her husband, Martin were gracious enough to let us stay for the weekend.

Our hosts for the weekend, Micah & Martin Nuqui. Thank you so much for accommodating us and taking us around!       We had a great time.

First order of business??? LUNCH!!! Micah and Martin took us to a nearby food court at Punggol Plaza called Kuofu. We were more than ready to food trip so the Nuqui’s treated us to some Singaporean Laksa, Hainanese Chicken & Char Siew Noodles. Yummy!!!


After lunch, Angelica and I took an LRT ride from Coral Edge to the main MRT station so we could ride the purple line to Farrer Park. We had to go there to exchange our pesos for Singaporean dollars. Exchange rate when we got there was P29 = $1. Not bad…

Punggol LRT line. Their high tech version of our jeepney.

And so our Singapore adventure begins…

  • Little India
  • Orchard Road
  • Queenstown
  • Marina Bay Sands
  • Marina Bay
  • Merlion Park
  • China Town
  • Wicked
  • Sentosa
  • Universal Studios

3 thoughts on “Ready, Set… SINGAPORE!!!

  1. I went to SIngapore with my brother and we had fun just walking around, till our feet aches, eating at various hawker food outlets and trainspotting to Little India, China Town, Sentosa etc and of course by night fall, at the lively Geylang Road hehe

  2. I love SG! I had a stopover few times in SG before or after my home visit. A unique city. A combination of Europe and modern Asia. My last visit was after Sinulog 2006 with my Mom. We stayed 4 days in SG and enjoyed Chinese New Year’s Sale…hahaha

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