Bubble Boy Zorb at Fairways & Bluewater

I was assigned to try the Bubble Boy Zorb at Fairways & Bluewater during our Tekno Trip shoot last March, 2011. I had the chance of trying the hydro zorb in Bora a few years back but in a different location so having to experience the ride again, this time beside this gorgeous beach, was such a an exciting treat.

Check out this gorgeous, secluded beach with a nice view of a ‘holed’ part of the island. Haha, that’s the best I could do to describe what I saw.

I enjoyed the harness zorb more… Felt kinda dizzy afterwards but the ride itself was a total laugh trip. Ever heard of ROFL??? Well try RIZL!!! Hehe, craaazy!

They made me do both the hydro & harness zorb. It was my first time to do harness so I was both giddy and nervous about that. For the Hydro Zorb, one simply slides around the ball with water in it while the Harness Zorb requires two people strapped at opposite parts of the ball as it tumbles down the hill.

Green grass parallel to me, parallel to the railing, parallel to the sea… Hehe, had the urge to lie down cause the grass was just so fine & green!

The rain poured out of nowhere in the middle of our shoot and I kid you not, the waves were crashing like there was no tomorrow! Haha, but it wasn’t that scary cause the cyan blue sea still looked ever so beautful amidst the storm. It was very captivating… Enticing even! Each crash was like a call from the sea, persistently seducing us to take a dip & swim! We were advised not to do so though. They said it was very dangerous.

Happy little girl despite the stormy summer beach weather.

If you’re ever in Boracay, try coming here! Each ride costs P350 inclusive of the Fairways & Bluewater shuttle service. There are other activities that you may try like the zipline, the ATV plus you may visit their butterfly & bat garden.

Feel free to call or text 09177663610 for your inquiries.


One thought on “Bubble Boy Zorb at Fairways & Bluewater

  1. You tried the hydro zorb a few years ago, you say. Well, yes, haha, I remember that clip. And I meanwhile married and now gonna get divorced^^
    I hope you girls are fine. I read about the songs you published and about your and Gazelle’s TV carreer. Quite some things happened since you speed talked “retainer” 🙂 Are you still selling those Swuggies ?
    Ah, German word of the day: Gemütlichkeit !
    This may fit, now that you seem to be home again
    Cheers from Vienna, Austria, Europe

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