Anawangin Cove, Zambales

Pundaquit Beach, the jump off point to Anawangin. Beautiful.

I have always wanted to host a travel show… So imagine how thrilled I was to be part of a new technology & travel show on TV5 called Tech Trip! 2 of my favorite things rolled into 1. I hosted it with KC Montero & Lia Cruz and for our first shoot, we were sent to an enchantingly secluded & tranquil island in Pundaquit, Zambales called Anawangin.

Ahhh. Haha, KC "Grumps" Montero.

To get there, one must take a 20-30 minute boat ride from Pundaquit Beach. Not that long considering that the ride was a treat in itself as we passed through Zambales’ clear, sparkling blue waters and noticeably green, majestic rock mountains.

I checked online and renting a boat costs P1,500.00, round trip for 4 people. I’m not sure cause we were a big group when we went and I didn’t pay for anything… Haha, the perks of being in a TV show. *Big Grin*

*** One thing that really pissed me off though — A few pieces of trash floating around the sea. Some people could be so irresponsible! Keep your trash to yourself, yo… I’m a proud Maryknoller, thank you very munch and litter bugs upset me. Take care of the environment, demet!!! Psssh.

So happy to be hosting of a travel show! I'm one giddy little-big girl!

Two of the rock formations we passed during the boat ride. Just look at that! It looked liked the entrance to an entirely different world. Legolas, where YOU at?

Lia as we neared Anawangin. Beautiful! Both her & the site... Naaaks. Haha

Picturesque. I swear, it felt like a scene from an award-winning Hollywood film. 'Twas my first time to see a place like this in the Philippines! Di ko alam na meron pala tayong ganito... Our country has so much to offer! There's so much to see!

When we got there, we were assigned to 3 different areas to cover more ground given our limited time. Lia to the beach, KC the lake and me to the forest. One very interesting fact about Anawangin is the abundance of pine trees! Yes, ladies and gentlemen… Tall, gorgeous, “set of Twilight”-ish pine trees… Agoho trees actually.

The story lies behind the Mount Pinatubo eruption in 1991 that somehow carried Agoho seeds to this place. They germinated, proliferated and transformed this pristine piece of land to something a little bit more magical. Oh and did I mention, its white sand is mixed with Pinatubo’s lahar or volcanic ash? It wasn’t as fine but still, comfortable to walk barefoot in.

The beauty and uniqueness of this place makes Anawangin a perfect getaway spot, enticing campers, nature lovers, tourists or anyone that’s just in need of peace, seclusion and time away from the city. There’s a small fee of P50 per head, P150 if you plan to stay overnight. There are no rooms, houses or buildings there, just a couple of huts and wooden tables with benches. You could bring tents or mats if you want! You may go anywhere you want too.

*** Main concern: Toilet??? No worries, they have a nice, little restroom already… Haha, I love the outdoors but that part I don’t like, sorry…

This spot -- I just stood there and stared for a few minutes... For a moment -- I was Bella. Haha "No wolves or vampires heeere!"

With the place gaining continuous popularity though, its not as quiet and as “secret” as before. Oh well! At least more people are experiencing the wonders of the place. I hear another option would be to visit Nagsasa which is only 15 minutes away. It’s just as beautiful but with less people, less noise, less trash… More privacy. *Shhh*

Shooting my segment. Ah... I love my job. See that smile? Hehe

Being in Anawangin opened my eyes to a whole new side of the Philippines. I only spent an afternoon there and I was so inspired to experience and know more about our country! There’s so much traveling to do! So much to see! What an adventure…

I love you, guys. Grateful to have learned, enjoyed & traveled parts of the country with you. *Group Hug* Mwah!

Here’s a home video of our Anawangin adventure:

*** For Valentine’s Day, I will be treating myself to a weekend in Anawangin, Capones, Camara & Nagsasa. Atleast that’s what I PLAN to do… Haha, I hope I get to push through with it. I’m yearning to go back to this place and to see more…

Tech Trip Anawangin Cove, September 2010.


11 thoughts on “Anawangin Cove, Zambales

  1. Happy trip again for your planned return at Anawangin and do check out Nagsasa plus the nearby lighthouse at Capones Island. These places remains as one of my favorites for a quick beach camping getaway 🙂

  2. Congrats! I’m increasingly liking your blog by the word!
    Can’t wait for your Camara et al post. “Cobra, oh!” Hahahaha! Til we meet again 😀

  3. Hi Abby!! Charmi here. Checked your site and nakita ko your hosting teknotrip! Congrats!!:) Ansaya naman niyan!! Bdw, if ever you need a place to cover kaya lang walang technology dito masyado haha I don’t know if kelangan yun for the show. But incase hindi, baka naman pwede, my Dad’s place that he really wants to promote. See link to the site below

    Maganda yung place for nature lovers:)

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