Bora Bound! Ambassador in Paradise Hotel

Went to Boracay to for a 3-day Tekno Trip shoot with KC & Lia. We were tasked to feature the best hotels, restaurants, food, tourist spots, spas & products good for 2 1-hour Tekno Trip episodes! In short, those were 2 of the most fun, exciting, gastronomic, jam-packed YET super tiring & stressful shooting days ever! Haha

Looking over the blue horizon with my favorite music playing in the background. Lovin’ my Beats by Dre and my lavishly long lashes care of Wink Eyelash Extensions and my gorgeous friend Roxanne Barcelo. Kahit wala akong makeup basta ganyan kaganda at kahaba pilikmata ko, okay na! *wink, wink* Keribels!

New found love for clouds. They’re so fluffy!!!

Look!!! A smiley face!!! Awww, God smiling at me... Yaaay.

Twas my first time to fly to Bora via Caticlan. Didn’t know our plane was gonna be this small! Glad we had to skip the hassle of taking a 2 hour van/bus ride that comes with flying to Kalibo instead.

Boat ride to Boracay. See how the sun’s rays penetrate the clouds? So beautiful…


My pretty & oh so talented co-host, Lia Cruz making pacute! Haha, and me!!! Wearing a cowboy hat & maong jacket… To the beach… Haha, WHY??? Anyway, from Caticlan we were brought to a special port for a private boat ride to the island. VIP treatment for Ambassador in Paradise guests! Noice…

The Ambassador in Paradise Hotel in Station 1 is a ”5 star Resort nestled directly on one of the finest sand beaches in Southeast Asia, with 50 well appointed Guest Rooms and a luxurious Presidential Suite, all with personalized butlers”! I got that from their site. Haha, swanky! Sosyaaal…

Shared the room with Lia — Soft & comfotable beds with super fluffy blankets, large flat screen tv, super cool AC… Aaand elephant shaped towels! Haha, ang hirap ng bumangon once makahiga na kami! Sarap matuuulooog… *Do Not Disturb*

Bathroom. No divider between the toilet & faucet area and the shower area… Big space! Hehe

View from our balcony. Ganda! The beach front is right across those coconut trees.

A.A. --> Abby Asistio!!!

Lounging by the beach... Love, love, love.

The beachfront… Just look at those colors! Proud that the Philippines has one of the best beaches in the world. Di talaga ko magsasawang magpabalik-balik sa Bora… Saraaap!

We really enjoyed our stay there. If you wanna know more about it — accommodations, rates, news & promos, you may checkout

At night. Still so gorgeous!

Tekno Trip Boracay, March 2011.


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