Puka Beach, Boracay

This place is so serene... I could spend a whole morning or afternoon just being one with nature here. Perfect song: Daydreamer by Adele, me thinks!

This place is beautiful & serene, something which I found to be more appealing compared to the hustle & bustle that usually takes place along the main beach strip. It wasn’t at all difficult to be “one with nature” there because the place was practically secluded — Peaceful, relaxing & pure.

Abby in Puka Beach! Hehe, cheese!

Looking for puka shells...

Puka beach is called such because of the Puka shells that are abundant in the area. The sand is a bit brownish and not as fine as those found in White Beach but it still felt good to walk in… Even with the mini shells all over the shore.


It was windy and drizzling when we went… Sarap! Oh, and see how my bandana matches the blue waters of the sea? The colors were so gorgeous.

A bunch of boys chilling & swimming in the beach after their bike ride. I like this shot… It looks orchestrated and choreographed... But not.

It was my very first time in Puka Beach and being there was such an extraordinary experience for me. I dunno but everything about that place just reminded me of God’s majesty. The sun shining through the thick clouds, the cyan blue sea, the powerful waves & strong winds… God’s presence everywhere… Tranquility amidst nature’s strength —  It was amazing. Will definitely be coming back.

Tranquility amidst nature's strength.

Tekno Trip Boracay, March 2011.


6 thoughts on “Puka Beach, Boracay

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  2. Nice shots! Puka beach seems awesome. Is it commercialized already, like in Boracay stations? I’ve missed this beach when I was in Boracay over the weekend.

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