Crystal Rainbow with Gold at Both Ends


Crystal Beach, San Narciso, Zambales (11/3/2013)

The past few weeks have not been good for me. As my closest friends know, I recently found myself dwelling (rather unconsciously) in a season of indifference coupled by overwhelming bouts with melancholy.

One of the worst things to hear, which I guess served as an obvious wake up call for me, was to be told I had SAD EYES.

Something was wrong… My passion was dwindling and I knew exactly what was causing it. More than anything, I had to feed my soul and was being reminded to turn to Him.

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Nityalila @ the Bitan Music Festival in Taiwan (Part 1)

Clips from our stay in Taiwan last March, 2009. Nityalila was invited to sing at the Bitan Music Festival and she asked me to help her out by being her backup singer. We played alongside Miko Aguilar on bass and Sandy Baliong on drums.

We had so much fun! Taiwan was so beautiful and the people were so wonderful! Nakakmiss, sobra… This is just the first part, will upload the other one soon!

Thank you so much for this great opportunity, Nitch! I’ll forever treasure this experience… Mwah!

My Valentine #1: Camara Island

Last Valentine’s Day, I treated myself to a date with 2 islands… Camara & Capones. I’ve been wanting to visit these two since my Anawangin trip 3 years ago. And being single on Valentines day, I once again opted to open up to nature and give my heart to God’s beautiful creation rather than sulk alone in the city and watch my friends go on dates. Haha

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Colorful Little India

After having our pesos exchanged for Singapore dollars in Mufasa, Ferrer Park, me and my sister decided to head to Little India. I was told that the smell there would be quite difficult to endure… After all our Indian friends DO love their spices! Hehe, anyhow it was actually very tolerable. Strong smell equals intense culture, flavor & love for life, don’t you think? *wink, wink*

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Bubble Boy Zorb at Fairways & Bluewater

I was assigned to try the Bubble Boy Zorb at Fairways & Bluewater during our Tekno Trip shoot last March, 2011. I had the chance of trying the hydro zorb in Bora a few years back but in a different location so having to experience the ride again, this time beside this gorgeous beach, was such a an exciting treat.

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Ready, Set… SINGAPORE!!!

Last November, I made an impulse booking to Singapore… Cause credit cards & Cebu Pacific, with it’s piso rates and light fares make someone all the more susceptible to these whims. I booked a flight just for myself and was more than ready to take on the not so big city on my own! Abby the Explorer 🙂

UNTIL Christmas came and my sister Angelica, who’s graduating this March, asked if she could go with me. And being the gracious, loving sister that I am (Eherm, eherm! Haha), I said yes. I booked really early so by the time she booked a flight in December, she was still able to get a seat next to mine. We were set for March 3-6!

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